Say “Hi!~” to the new MT’ Omnibus book!

(the other two volumes are the Italian version of MT. And they released only two of them ;__;)

I-I-I just can’t handle this level of cuteness nnnnnnnggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Things that only animation can accomplish.
Can you imagine trying to plan out the cinematography in a live-action or even CG version? (Hats off to Monty Oum and the Advent Children folks for their Stepping Stones in the Sky sequences) There’s so much going on in the background at any given time, and it’s doubling as a music video sequence.
Also, even though the aforementioned CG examples exist, the 2D has the advantage in that they can happily ignore the realities of fall trajectories, enabling camera pans and character movements that would only work if gravity was changing directions haphazardly, and that cliff-side was the shape of a moebius strip.

As for the “Name that 3-A girl” game, I got 26/31, due to missing Akira and Yuna, and not giving a shit about the cheerleaders.

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OMG x’D (Atleast on W8.1)


Try pressing Windows Flag + Enter and let hilarity ensue

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the author of yuru yuri drew the first end card for inugami-san to nekoyama-san

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Let the game begin.

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